Das Original ! Seifenblasenregen... die Show in der Wunderwelt der Seifenblasen ! ®

Let the world-famous artists Iryna Chaplin and Alexander from Kiev carry you away with amazing works of art from the fantastic and fascinating world of bubble-blowing. Alexander and Iryna are world famous bubble artist of the original genres created on the basis of a wonderful formula of soap bubbles show. Simply fascinating ! Incredibly, with the big bubbles ! Pamper yourself in a rainbow-colored 7th Sky kidnap ! You will not believe until you've seen it with my own eyes. Then you will not forget what they saw. This unusual rainbow show you enchanted with the splendor of color and variety of forms. A "show for the soul" ! Dance, juggling, acting, music, light and high-profile art rarely seen with soap bubbles combine to form an impressive overall experience. A sudden thunderstorm starts the show. In the rain, "she dreams" of "Him. Then appears, "He" in her dream. Both play with the bubbles ... bubbles in the rain beautiful images created for the audience. For the final image of the show even spectators are wrapped in giant bubbles. Our professionalism is your satisfaction !

It is currently the most ambitious
and one of the most beautiful soap bubbles show in Germany !

You will be amazed how a company party with a difference can also celebrate!


  • Juggling world record 2007 > Juggling while being blindfolded <
  • Public vote, city Altensteig and I. Price, "The Great Talentino", Germany
  • Longest Rainbow-Shaped Soap Bubble > Current world record 2009 <

You can also experience this enchanting spectacle, this glamorous mirage, which appear and disappear on you eyes. Simply fascinating ! Incredibly, with the big bubbles !

The original ! Bubbles rain ... the show in the wonderful world of soap bubbles
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